No-Acid Ultra-TR1175.AL.01.S2

No-Acid Ultra-TR1175.AL.01.S2

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Acid Neutralizer Additive

NO-ACID ULTRA is a neutralizer able to completely eliminate residues of acid in vehicle A/C systems to prevent compressor burnout.


Adapters 1/4 SAE OR 5/16 SAE


How does it work?

The chemical ingredients of NO-ACID ULTRA bond to the residues of acid present in the system, and eliminate them. These residues might be caused by refrigerant gas or lubricant breakdown, moisture and compressor burnout. Once introduced inside the system NO-ACID ULTRA prevents the formation of acid.


  • 6 mL advanced formula, less product in the system.
  • It completely eliminates acid in vehicle A/C systems.
  • It neutralises possible acid residues caused by compressor burnout.
  • Safe for A/C recovery units.
  • Safe for system components.
  • Ideal for preventative maintenance; fast and immediate effect.
  • Dosis:
  • PREVENTIVE USE:6 mL universal dose for every vehicle A/C system.
  • RESOLUTIVE USE: it is recommended to use Errecom ACID-TEST to set the best quantity of NO-ACID ULTRA as correction in all vehicle A/C systems.


  • Compatible with all refrigerant gases, including R12, R134a and R1234yf.


  • Compatible with refrigerant gases R134a and R1234yf.
  • Thanks to the difference in pressure between the product and the A/C system of the vehicle, the insertion is safe, easy and fast.