Protect Gel-TR1141.K.01 - Flame Resistant Spray Coat - What I Can Fix

Protect Gel-TR1141.K.01 - Flame Resistant Spray Coat

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Anti-Heat Gel for Soldering

PROTECT GEL is a special product in gel formulated to protect the surfaces surrounding the point of contact of the flame used during welding or brazing operations from the effect of heat.


  • Easy to use.
  • Safe and non-toxic.
  • It absorbs the heat from the welding or soldering torch avoiding the areas surrounding the affected point to burn or deform.
  • It protects components and materials during welding operations to avoid costly damages caused by heat.
  • It protects painted and varnished surfaces by the colour change due to the heat of the welding torch.
  • Gel formula adheres to the surface to be protected without drip, stain or leave residue.