Best Bubbles Fluo-TR1161.K.01 - What I Can Fix

Best Bubbles Fluo-TR1161.K.01

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Refrigerant Gas Micro Leak Fluorescent Detector

BEST BUBBLES FLUO is a fast and easy solution to identify leaks in refrigerant lines and components of AC/R systems, even in situations of limited visibility becoming fluorescent when exposed to UV light.

How does it work?

BEST BUBBLES FLUO should be sprayed close to the leak point; thanks to its special formulation it adheres to surfaces ensuring immediate identification of the leak through the formation of a large and thick bubble, that when exposed to UV light becomes fluorescent.


  • Ready to use.
  • Operating temperature -40°C + 80°C.
  • Great power of adherence to surfaces.
  • Visible when exposed to any UV light.