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Brilliant UVE Dye-TR1058.01.P1

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Yellow Fluorescent UV Leak Detector Dye for Vehicle A/C Systems with R12 - R134a - R1234yf & for Electric Compressors

BRILLIANT is a fluorescent UV dye for vehicles A/C systems with R12, R134a, R1234yf & for electric compressors. It allows to quickly and accurately locate refrigerant gas leaks.

How does it work?

BRILLIANT has to be introduced in the vehicles A/C system; at the leak point the product will get out and stand out when lit by a UV Lamp.


  • It precisely locates refrigerant gas leaks.
  • Solventfree.
  • It complies with SAE J2297 & SAE J2298.
  • It does not clog A/C system or recovery units.
  • Visible to any UV lamp.
  • It includes advice stickers.