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Emerald Drain Tabs Mini -AB1098.01

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Biodegradable Tablets for Condensate Drain in Split and FanCoil

EMERALD TABS is a product specifically developed in order to avoid the formation of contaminats due to water stagnancy inside the A/C system. Thanks to their high biodegradability level (more than 99%), EMERALD TABS prevent and eliminate the putrefaction process and the formation of algae, mucilage, slime and moulds that risk to clog and block the condensate drainpipes of A/C systems without affecting and impacting the environment. The product is available also in format MINI. Thanks to this they are suitable for all types of A/C systems. A montlhy usage of Emerald Tabs is highly recommended.


  • High biodegradability level (over 99%) prevents pollution and the environment impact.
  • Prevents the phenomenon of condensation rotting.
  • Prevents the formation of algae, mucilages and molds.
  • Prevents the occlusion of condensate drainpipes. Emeral Tabs ET g. molds. .