Nano Acid Cleaner-AB1107.P.01 - Environmentally Friendly and Non Toxic - What I Can Fix

Nano Acid Cleaner--AB1107.P.01 - Environmentally Friendly and Non Toxic

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Acid Cleaner for Condensers

NANO ACID CLEANER is an acid condenser cleaner that, thanks to its advanced formulation, effectively disincrust the treated surface, removing even the most stubborn deposits of rust or salt-type incrustations. It is particularly indicated for dissolving the dirt deposited in the cracks of the finned batteries.

 How does it work?

NANO ACID CLEANER can be diluted with water up to 1:8 depending on the type of scale to be removed. The more concentrated the product is used, the more effective it will be. Its recommended to avoid the contact with varnished materials. The 1L bottle has a special trigger that allows the application in both foamy and liquid form. Rinse the product thoroughly with line water until its complete elimination.

The combined sequential action of Nano Acid Cleaner and Nano Alkaline Cleaner guarantees deeper cleaning in case of particularly stubborn dirt.


  • Specifically designed for condenser cleaning.
  • Ideal for restoring the efficiency of the condenser heat exchange.
  • Removes the most stubborn incrustations.
  • Suitable for the HACCP plan.